SATTAL – Seven Interconnected Lakes

Sattal is another beautiful lake of Kumaon region, situated in the lower Himalayan range near Bhimtal. As the name says seven interconnected fresh water lakes make Sattal, which is named after mythological Gods and characters of The Ramayana. There is a saying that Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita had lived here for a spell during there exile from Ayodhya. The lake which is at an altitude of 1370 meters is surrounded by lush orchards in Mehragaon Valley.With time four out of seven lakes have now dried up.The seven lakes of Sattal are:

  1. Panna Tal or Garud Tal
  2. Nal-Damyanti Tal
  3. Purna Tal
  4. Sita Tal
  5. Ram Tal
  6. Laxman Tal
  7. Sukha Tal

But Sattal is just not about the talks, this place also offers a perfect gateway to adventure lovers. Put your boots on and climb the hills or just trek the trails (but dont forget to take an instructor along) or rappelling and river crossing are other heady choices. You can also enjoy many water games like rafting or Kayaking etc.

How to Reach

By Air: No direct flights to this place the only airport close to this area is at Pantnangar. You can hire a taxi from there.

By Train: Kathgodam is the closest station which is 34 km from there and well connected to many cities like Delhi, lucknow, Jammu and many more. Taxies are easily available from Kathgodam to Sattal.

By Road: Roads are good and with in the city and interstates cities like Delhi, UP and many more. From Delhi its just 7-8 Hrs drive.

Where to Stay

  1. KMVN Tourist rent house
  2. Getaway Jungle camp
  3. Sat Tal camp
  4. Sat tal birding camp
  5. V resorts
  6. YMCA Campsite
  7. Country Inn Satal

Many dhabas near the lake have the usual fare of chai pakoras, Pranthas etc at reasonable rates.



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