MAHARASHTRIAN CUISINE – Tempting, Lip Smacking & Delicious

The Maharashtrian or marathi cuisine consists of mild to very spicy dishes.Traditionally Maharashtrians have considered their cuisine to be the best among all. Wheat, rice, bajra, lentils, jwar, vegetables, etc form staples of the diet. Meat has traditionally been used by the well off until recent.

The state has a diverse cuisine as the region is rich in communities. Majority eat Meat and eggs but the Brahmins are vegetarians.The Deccan Plateau’s staple food is Bhakri,spicy vegetable,dal and rice. Bhakri is a bread made from jwar(millet) or Bajra.In the North side of state people prefer roti.

The Coastal/Konkan region has rice as the main dish and use coconut to a large extent in form of dry coconut or coconut milk.

The Vidarbha region, food is spicy and peanuts and dry coconut are used a lot.

The south Konkan region or the Malvan region is mainly a non -vegetarian cuisine with fish preparations in a popular form.

Typical Maharashtrian breakfast items include Misal, Pohe, upma, Sheera, Sabudana Khichadi and Thalipeeth. These items are also widely available in restaurants and roadside cafes and food carts. sliced bread and eggs, as well as South Indian items such as idli and dosa are also popular. Tea or coffee is also served with breakfast.


The contemporary vegetarian lunch and dinner plate will have a combination of the following:

•Wheat Flat bread such as chapati or Ghadichi poli

•Boiled rice

•A salad or Koshimbir based on onions, tomatoes, cucumber etc.

Papadum or related snacks such as sandge,kurdaya, and sabudana papdya as adjunct foods [41]

•A dry or fresh Chutney, Mango or lemon pickles

•A soup type aamti or varan preparation based on toor dal, other dals or Kadhi. When Usal is part of the menu, the aamti may be omitted.

•A vegetable preparation with gravy based on seasonal vegetables such as egg plants, Okra, potatoes, cauliflower etc.

•A dry vegetable preparation mainly based on leafy vegetables such as spinach

Usal based on sprouted or unsprouted whole legumes

Traditionally the meals items on a Maharashtrian dinner plate or Thali are arranged in a circular way. In a clockwise fashion , salt is placed at 12, pickles,koshimbir and condiments are placed anti-clockwise of salt. Vegetable preparations are arranged in a clockwise fashion with a sequence of leafy greens curry, dry vegetables,sprouted been curry (usal) and dal. Rice is always on the periphery rather than in the center


Chicken and goat are the most popular meats for non-vegetarian dishes in Maharashtra. Beef and pork are consumed by different religious minority communities including Christians.Some popular dishes are :

a)Taambda rassa – hot spicy goat curry with red gravy .

b)Pandhara rass – goat curry in coconut milk

c)Kheema pav – minced goat meat

d)Popati – Chicken Dish

e)Malvani chicken

f)Varhadi chicken

g)Kombdi Vade Deep fried flat bread made from spicy rice and urid flour served with chicken curry.

e)Chicken mirvani

f)Chicken haladvani

g)Kolambi pulao

h)Stuffed crabs

i)Crab masala

j)Kolambi masala

h)Prawns koliwada


a) Puran Poli -A buttery flatbread stuffed with jaggery (molasses or gur), yellow gram (chana) dal, plain flour, cardamom powder and ghee .

b) Modak –  A famous and popular dish prepared during Ganesha festival.It has a coconut and jaggery filling inside a soft shell made of rice flour.

c) Basundi – sweetend condensed milk.

d) Srikhand – sweetend yogurt.

e)Amras – mango pulpwith milk and sugar at times.

f) Ladu/pedha –  Made of khoa

g) Chikki – Jaggery peanut or jaggery sugar sweet


a) Pohe: A snack made from flattened rice served with tea. During arranged marriages in Maharashtra, “Kanda Pohe” is most likely the dish served when the two families meet. Other variants on the recipe include batata pohe (potato pohe), dadpe pohe (coconut, green chillies, ginger,lemon juice pohe), kachche pohe (oil, red chili powder, salt ,onion ,pohe)

b) Upma:  It is a thick porridge made from semolina with green chillies, onions and other spices.

c) Vada pav: The most popular poof all “Fast Food” dish consisting of a fried mashed potato (vada), sandwiched in a bread bun (pav). This is the Indian version of a burger and accompanied with red chutney made from garlic and fried red and green chillies.

d) Pav bhaji : Another popular “Fast Food” dish consisting of vegetable curry (bhaji) served with a soft bread bun.

e) Misal Pav: Made of a mix of curried sprouted lentils, topped with potato bhaji, chivda, farsaan, raw chopped onions and tomato, eaten with a bread bun.

g) Sabudana Khichadi: Made mostly during fasting, but is now a common dish.

h) Sabudana vada : A deep fried snack based on sabudana.

  1. Bhelpuri: A snack, a chat made of puffed rice, chopped tomatoes and

j) Ragda pattice: Ragda pattice is a popular fast food has two parts: ragda, a spicy stew based on dry peas , and fried potato patties.

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