ANDHRA CUISINE – Spice Up Youself

Andhra Cusine is the spiciest in all of India.The executive use of Chillies and Tamarind make the cuisine one of the tangiest and the hottest, though the majority of the dishes are vegetable based.
Hyderabad, the capital, has its own cuisine which is considerably different from the rest of Andhra/Telangana cuisines. ass Lucknow has its own Lucknowi cuisine the Nizams also patronise a Hyderabadi or the Nawabi cuisine. The Nizams prefer a much spicier food than the Hyderabadi cuisine. Much preferred delicacies include, Kaccha Gosht (raw meat) Biryani, Dum Murgh (Chicken),Boghara Baingan and pickles to spice up the flavour.
Popular Andhra Dishes
A) Vegetarian
Breakfast: Pesarattu (mung bean pancake), attubobbatlupulihora or pulihaara (tamarind & lemon rice), Upma
Andhra Chapala Pulusu, or Andhra Tamarind Fish Curry
Pickels:  mango pickle, maaghaya, gongura pachadi, pandumirapakayala pachadi, tomato pachadi, allam (ginger) pachadi, dosakaya pachadi, dosavakaya, chintakaya (tamarind)
Curries: gutti vankaya, bendakaya fry, dondakaya fry, cabbage pesara pappu, carrot fry
lentils: thotakura (amaranth – pigeon pea stew) pappu, chukkakoora pappu, menthikura pappu, palakura pappu (spinach – pigeon pea dal), Dosakaya (yellow cucumber – pigeon pea stew), tomato, beerakaya, sorakaya
Pulusu : palakoora pulusu, sorakaya pulusu, thotakoora pulusu, anapakaya pulusu, gongura pulusu Koora
Chaaru: tomato chaaru, miriyala chaaru (pepper), ulava chaaru
Chaaru and curd variations: perugupachadi/majjiga chaaru with potlakaya (snake gourd), sorakaya (bottle gourd)
Snacks: sakinalu, chekkalu, murukulu, jantikalu, chakkilalu
Sweets: pootarekulu, kaaja, ravva ladduboondi laddu, pesara laddu, sunnundalu, thokkudu laddu, ariselu, nuvvula laddu
Chutney and pickles: 
Raw pachadi-vankaya pachadi, dosakaya vanakaya pachadi, tomato pachadi, cabbage pachadi, pickles of avakaya (mango), usirikaya (Indian gooseberry), ginger, citroen, gongura, tomato, garlic
B) Non-vegetarian
Hyderabadi biriyani and various Hyderabadi meat dishes make up part of Hyderabadi cuisine. The rest of Andhra cuisine has a various versions of lamb and chicken, and the coastal region has extensive varieties of seafood. Dishes include kodi iguru (chicken stew), kodi pulusu (chicken gravy), chepa pulusu (fish stew), fish fry and prawn curry.


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