Chakrata – Contonment Town


Chakrata is a small town in Garwahal region and close to dehradoon. It is situated between Tons and Yamuna river at the height of 7000-7250 feet. Chakrata is beautiful, calm and picturesque spot away from crowd and pollution with snow-caped mountains and green lush of tall Oak trees, Red Rhododendrons and mist covered valley, this place looks like a dream Sequence or place which soothen your eyes and calms your soul. The reason this place is quite and under development is because it is an access- restricted cantonment of Indian Army. Only Indian nationals are allowed to enter Chakrata.

Why Chakrata???? When you have nothing to do except appreciating the nature or walking in the woods or curl up with a book or just having sips of tea…this is what chakrata is or you can say this is the place just to hang out with the gang having fun and doing nothing.

Chakrata is not only for the above mentioned people but also for the people who wants to do something different. Chakrata offers several adventurous activities filled with excitement.

The towering mountain ranges offer adventurous activities including the heart throbbing mountain climbing. The professional mountaineers can reach the Kharamba peak, the highest mountain peak in Chakrata at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Apart from this Chakrata also offers exciting trekking, camping, and village walk.

From chakrata the road divides into two parts, the straight road heading towards Tyuni Road and the road to the right heading towards Mussoorie Road. Just a few minutes’ drive on Mussoorie road, the road breaks to the right taking you to the local market. Further down on the Mussoorie Road is Chiramari Sunset point from where you can get the Spectacular view of the valley and its verdant slopes and the Himalayas in front which of course is an unforgettable experience.

Places to visit 

  1. Tiger falls
  2. Budher Caves
  3. Deoban
  4. Chimiri neck
  5. Ramtal horticulture garden
  6. Moigad Falls
  7. Kanasar

Where to stay

Snow view hotel

Hotel Hill knights

Himalayan Paradise

How to reach

By air: The closest option available for Chakrata is Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun which is 115 kms.

By Train: NO direct train to chakrata and again the closest option is Dehradun.

By Bus: Chakrata is well connected by road. You can travel by bus or by taxi.

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