DONA PAULA – A Tragic Love Story

Dona paula is one of the well known tourist destination in Goa. It is a former village , located on the beautiful and famous sea stretch that spreads from Panjim to Miramar. This place is named after Dona paula, daughter of Portuguese governor of Goa. As per the legends Dona fell in love with a poor goan fisherman and their love was not acceptable by the society. Foreseeing which, they jumped off the cliff so they could be together after death. But the truth is far away from romantic and tragic. Dona is the title given to a married woman according to Portuguese customs and Paula Amoral Antonio De Souto Maior is the lady whom we are talking and she is a historic figure rather than romantic one. She married a Fidalgo form Spain in 1656. Her husband Dom Antonio Souto Maior was from a well of family, an extremely affluent one. The entire property from Cabo Raj Niwas to Caranzalem(present day) belong to the Souto Maiors. And in fact this lady was a women of Charity and helped the local villagers and worked a lot for their betterment so, after her death the villagers renamed the village on her name instead Oddavell( initial name of the village).

Now come back to the beach. This beach is 7km from Panaji and has magnificent view of Mormugao harbor. This pastoral rocky tourist attraction is the place where Mandavi and Zuari rivers meet the Arabian sea.

His place is situated on the south side of the rocky hammer shaped land that divides the Mandavi and Zuari estuaries. The Dona Paula monument is located on a small cliff or you can say on rocky hill, is one of the tourist attractions. This area is the home to some of the top industrialists and policy makers of the state thus it is the most expensive residential location in Goa. During the tourist season, this place transforms into a crowded place.

How to reach

By Air: The closest option available is Dabolim airport which is 30 km away from Panaji and 36 km from Arjuna.

By Train: The Nearest railway station is at Karmali which is 15 km from the beach. Goa is well connected with the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore etc by train.

By Road: Dona paula beach is well connected by road. It is just 7 km from Panaji and regular bus and taxi services are easily available.

Things to do

Goa cannot be judge or explore in one visit moreover Goa is just not about late night parties or its water sports or just roaming around on the sandy beaches. Goa is for rejuvenating or rediscovering yourself which is lost in your day to day life and life style. Here you can enjoy life to the fullest be it be water scooters rides or bananaboats or jet skiing or many more things but one thing is sure that you are going to enjoy some of the very beautiful days of your life.

Things to be enjoyed

  1. Jet Skiing
  2. Kayaking
  3. Banana boat rides
  4. Wind surfing
  5. Water scooter
  6. Para sailing
  7. Ski biscuit
  8. Yachting
  9. Swimming

The beach has a lot to offer from shopping to water sports and yes, no one can miss the sunset at the beach.

Shopping:- Shops near the beach sells variety of goods from eatables to clothes. Feni and port wine two Goan liquor specialties are easily available.

Where to stay

There are many hotels, guesthouse and beach side huts available according to the budget of the visitors. A few names are mentioned below:-

  1. Rendezvous Beach and Resort
  2. Sandalwood hotel and retreat
  3. L’Hotel Eden
  4. The Chances Resort and Casino
  5. The Hawaii Comfort
  6. Cidade De Goa
  7. The International center Goa
  8. Swim Sea Beach Resort
  9. O Pescador Beach Resort
  10. Hawaii- The sea side village Retreat
  11. Casa Amarilla
  12. Villa At Dona Paula


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