HAMIRPUR – Martyr’s Land

Location: Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh

Weather: Hot in summers and pleasantly cold in winters. 

Places to See: Deotsidh Temple, Nadaun, Sujanpura Tira & more.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

Hamirpur is a culturally appealing town that also serves as the headquarters of the Hamirpur district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is one of the less frequented places which can attract anyone with its natural beauty and cultural innocence, in Himachal. The district Hamirpur is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh. It has earned the reputation of being the “Martyr’s Land” (Veer Bhumi) despite the fact that the entire state is called “Gods’ Land”. People of Hamirpur are considered brave; probably that’s why the armed forces prefer to take them as they make professional soldiers.

Hamirpur was once under the control of Raja Hamir Chand from 1700 to 1740 and it was named only after him. It was carved out of Kangra district in 1972. Geographically, the River Beas separates Hamirpur from Kangra; it also forms two tributaries, Maan Khud and Kunah Khad, which flow across either sides of the district, to the adjacent Sutlej. Hamirpur district is abode to mango trees, and innumerable pine forests. It is also reputed for being one of the most eco-friendly and cleanest districts in India.

Climate in Hamirpur

The weather of Hamirpur is marked by extremely hot summers and pleasantly cold winters. Summers extend from the month of March till mid-June, with the maximum temperature of 45ºC and minimum of 28ºC respectively. It is followed by the south-west monsoons which last till September. From October till mid-November, post-monsoon period prevails. Winter season is essentially from mid-November to February. During winters, the temperature lingers between 19 ºC and 32 ºC. So, the ideal time to visit Hamirpur is between September and March when the climate is pleasant for sightseeing.

Tourist Attractions in Hamirpur

Hamirpur has several places to explore in and around the town. To begin with, Tauni Devi Temple is a renowned temple on Hamirpur-Awa Devi Road at a distance of 12 kms from Hamirpur. Dedicated to Goddess Tauni, who is said to be the sister of Goddess Durga, this 200-year old temple is highly revered by the locals. It also conducts an annual fair in the month of Ashran (June-July), and is attended by a large number of devotees. Awah Devi Temple, also called Jalpa Devi Temple, is a 250-year old shrine located on a hilltop at a distance of 24 kms from Hamirpur. Jalpa Devi is also worshipped as Kul Devi (Clan’s Deity) by few locals. The temple is visited by large number of Hindu devotees to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

Excursions from Hamirpur

If you want to explore some more places around Hamirpur, Sujanpura Tira is a small beautiful town located at a distance of 24 kms from Hamirpur. Once had been the capital of Katoch Dynasty, Sujanpur is famous for its Fort which was built by Raja Abhaya Chand of Kangra in 1758. In the early 19th century, Sujanpur was the home of the renowned Raja Sansar Chand, who was an ardent lover of the Kangra School of miniature paintings. Some of the places to see here are the Chaugan along with Murli Manohar Temple, Narbadeshwar Temple and Gauri Shankar Temple. Narbadeshwar Temple is a 200-year old temple built in Bhitti style by Maharani Prasanni Devi, the wife of Raja Sansar Chand. Most of these shrines have amazing paintings adorned on the walls. Sujanpur also offers good angling opportunities and other adventure sports like rafting and trekking.

Nadaun is a picturesque town located in the foothills of the Shivalik Range on Shimla-Dharamsala Road about 27 kms from Hamirpur. Located on the banks of the River Beas, this town gained popularity when the Kangra rulers shifted their capital here after they lost Kangra Fort to the army of Jahangir. Nevertheless, it lost its grandeur when Raja Sansar Chand re-captured the Kangra Fort. It’s famous for its Palace building at Amtar (Nadaun Fort, or Amter Fort), which was once the royal residence of Raja Sansar Chand. Though the Fort is in dilapidated condition, yet it attracts visitors by its impeccably done wall paintings, frescoes and exquisite architecture. Other important sites are the Old Shiva Temple and Gurudwara. Nadaun also offers activities likes fishing and angling in the Beas River. You can also visit the famous shaktipeeth of Jwala Devi which is just 14 kms from here.

Another major attraction in Hamirpur is the famous Deotsidh Temple. Deotsidh Temple is a cave temple located on the border of Hamirpur (45 kms from town) and Bilaspur (40 kms) districts. Dedicated to Baba Balaknath, it is considered to be the same place where the sage meditated. The temple has a great significance among the local people and is visited by innumerable pilgrims throughout the year.

Accommodation – Hotels/Resorts in Hamirpur

There are a number of hotels, guest houses, lodges and homestays to suit the budget and requirements of guests in Hamirpur. Some of the popular hotels are Hotel The Hamir, Hotel Dream Valley, Hotel Prince Residency, Chopra Residency, etc. Almost all the hotels have in-house restaurants that offer lip-smacking dishes from different cuisines. Some of the popular restaurants are Celebrations (Kohta), Darbar Cafe House (Near Gandhi Chowk), and Maya Hotel and Restaurant (Near Bus Stand).

How to Reach Hamirpur

By Air

Kangra Airport at Gaggal is the nearest domestic airport at a distance of 83 kms from Hamirpur. The second nearest airport is Chandigarh International Airport, about 175 kms from the city. It is well connected to major cities like Amritsar, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Leh. Once you reach there, you can board buses or rent out cabs to arrive at Hamirpur.

By Rail

Una Railway Station is the nearest broad gauge railway station about 80 kms from Hamirpur. The nearest narrow gauge railway station is Ranital (Pathankot-Joginder Nagar railway line). From both the stations, buses run at regular intervals. Or else, taxis can be hired to reach at your own pace.

By Road

Hamirpur has a good network of roads, and can be reached via different routes. Buses from all the towns and cities of Himachal Pradesh are available for Hamirpur. It is easily approachable from Sunder Nagar (80 kms), Mandi (83 kms), Solan (162 kms), Shimla (166 kms), Kalka (170 kms) and Chandigarh (177 kms).

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