KASAULI – Named after Flower, Kasool

Kasauli is a small beautiful hill station, which is 38 km from Kalka in Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli gets its name from a flower called Kasool. Kasauli offers not only scenitic beauty but also a relaxing soothing memory of this place. A number of tourist visit this place every year to spend some time with nature and peace. Walking in wooded chestnut hills leaves a memorable impression in mind which lasts lifelong and you will always cherish remembering the memories of this place. This town was discovered by Britishers and hence one can still see the British structured building and Churches here. Rains are quite often happens in hills and so is with Kausali. But for some visiting Kasauli in rains is just awesome.  During rain one can experience the music of rain drops on the tin roofs (yes tin roofs as most of the houses in hills have tin roofs as rains are unexpected here) and the rhythm of the rain from the sky to the trees and  from trees to the leaves and finally from the leaves to the ground……the sweet chattering of birds in chestnut tress ,the hills, the greenery and in just one word…. incredible. This all together not only relaxes your body but also help your mind to get rid of the clutter it has, so that you can go back to your work refreshed after a divine weekend relaxation.

How to reach

By Air: Nearest airport is Chandigarh which is 60 km from Kasauli and from there you can get taxi.

By Train: Nearest railway station is Kalka which is 34 km from Kasauli.

By Road: Road is 6 lane highway till Ambala and from Dharampur to Kasauli is a narrow hill road.

Places to visit

Kasauli has nothing much to visit as a tourist. It is actually a place to relax and refresh still there are few areas of interest and the are mentioned below:

  1. Upper mall and lower mall
  2. The Sanatorium
  3. Monkey point
  4. Baba Balaknath Temple
  5. DhaulaDhar Range
  6. Choor Chandni Peak
  7. Baptish Church
  8. Neo-Gothic Church

On a clear day you can also see river Sutlej and its curves along with the plains in the far distance.

Where to stay and eat

  1. The Timber trail resort
  2. Hotel Grand Maunic
  3. Hotel Ros Common
  4. Timber Trail Heights resort
  5. R Maidens
  6. Anchal Hotel
  7. Kasauli Resort
  8. Gian Hotel
  9. Baikunth Resort
  10. Alasia

Alasia,s restaurant is the best choice in Kausauli as they provide best Continental. Ros common provides garden seating and Baikunth restaurant has excellent food and allow walk-ins. Giani da dhaba is famous for their non-veg and tandoori food. You can also get chained samosa near the cinema hall in the market area by small vendors.


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