LONAVALA – Twin Hill Station

Lonavala is quite popular hill station and one of the local gateway which is just 110 Km from Mumbai. It lies on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway; it is perfect for all those who are seeking peaceful and calm place. It is also well known for common candy named as “Chikki”. Every year most of the tourists from across the world are visiting such a soothing location especially during the monsoon. During the season of Monsoon, the hill station becomes quite active and alive with lots of travellers. Lonavala got its name derived from “Len” and “Avali” which when translated roughly results into “The resting place for stone”. It is suggested that you should start early in the morning majorly when you are on the single day trip.

How to reach Lonavala?

Lonavala is also known as the jewels of Sahayadri Hills. The hill is retreating the gateways of the Khandala and Lonavala as it doesn’t require any further introduction in front of beauty. You should walk through mist-clad, smell the freshness of the earth and visit the shimmering waterfalls. Best time to it is October to May.

  • Via Air

Lonavala is not having an airport, though the Indian Air forces station, Troppo which is situated on the way to the Aamby Valley City. The city of the Aamby valley is having its own private airport. The nearest commercial airports are Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport (104 Km) and Pune International Airport (64 Km). A seaplane service is also available between Pawana Dam and Juhu which is just 14Km away from Lonavala.

  • Via Train

It is well connected via train and there are local trains running from Pune at every 2 hours intervals.  Those which are originating from Mumbai along the Central line is having Khopoli as the last station. From Mumbai it takes 2.5 hours and 1 to 1.5 hours from Pune. Almost all the trains travelling from Mumbai and Pune are halting at Lonavala.

  • Via Bus/Car

It is one of the most beautiful means to reach Lonavala. By car, one could use Mumbai Pune Expressway for reaching such an awesome place. For two wheelers and the 3 wheelers or one who plan to avoid the toll, the best option would be to use old Mumbai Pune road NH4. From Pune also you can take the Mumbai-express highway or NH4.

Top 10 places to visit in Lonavala

  • Rajmachi point
  • Ryewood park and Shivaji Udyan
  • Valvan Dam
  • Lonavla lake
  • Duke’s nose
  • Tiger’s leap
  • KarlaCaves
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Bhushi Dam
  • Shooting point

Where to stay and eat?

It is another hill station in Maharashtra and one could surely not miss the vadapav (the Indian Burger) and hot Masala chai. It is available at all the major tourists destinations, even you could get corn at almost all locations. Even though all the above food could be available in all the destinations mentioned but still it cannot beat the taste of the piping hot snacks which is served on the roadside. Drinking is absolutely permitted in Lonavala, due to which there are numerous hotels and wine shops which are serving alcohol. There is also a Johnnie Walker store “Regal wines “which is in the heart of market place at Lonavala. In summer, coconut water could be really refreshing when weather could be hot and dry. Some of the well known joints are- the Kinara village Dhabha, Cafe 24- Della Resorts, Cream Centre, Rama Krishna, Sunny da Dhabha etc.

There are numerous hotels available in Lonavala for different ranges of budget. Some of the renowned names are- Kumar Resort, Water Park, Verandah. Lonavala is quite popular tourist location in the month of monsoon, so before heading towards Lonavala during that duration you need to get your booking done.

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