MYSORE – Cultural Capital

Mysore is second biggest city of Karnataka and is located in Southern India. In Olden times it was the erstwhile capital for Wodeyar dynasty and currently it is known as the cultural capital and is quite planned city due to which it is known as the second cleanest city. The people across the globe of Mysore are known as peaceful and helpful. It is known for its bustling markets, glittering royal heritage, magnificent monuments, friendly populace and cosmopolitan culture. It does flaunt remarkable expertise in Ayurveda and Yoga across the world. Mysore evolved from a sleep city to the city of touted to become one of the popular cities after Bangalore. It is regal city which is trying to strike a balance between the perfect old days for keeping pace with the changes being affected.

How to reach Mysore?

Travelling to Mysore is not tough and could be reached by all the means of transports like Air, road, train etc. Mysore doesn’t have airport even though there is plan to construct the airport. The nearest airport is at Bangalore.

  • Via Air 

The nearest airport which is 139Km is Bangalore and the domestic airlines in the country does operate their flights from Bangalore which is connecting to all the cities. There are some international flights are running from Bangalore.

  • Via Train

It is connected with numerous trains to Bangalore. The super fast trains like express and shatabdi are well connected with Mysore to Madras. It is one of the easiest and comfortable means to travel to Mysore via Bangalore. Mysore station does has 3 lines which are connecting to Bangalore, Chamarajanagar.  The first railway line came into existence in the city was Bangalore-Mysore junction meter Gauge.

  • Via Road /Car

It is connected with the National Highway NH-212 to the state border town named as Gundlepet, from where the route forks into the state of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. From Bangalore it is just 150 Km and there is the 4 lane highway which is connecting the 2 cities. Even though the drive is quite heavy but still the drive is really comfortable.

Top 10 places to visit in Mysore

  1. Mysore Palace
  2. Brindavan Garden
  3. Chamundi Hills
  4. Lalit Mahal Palace
  5. Parks and Gardens
  6. Mysore zoo
  7. Karanji Kere
  8. Happy Man Park
  9. Rail Museum
  10. Folk art Museum

Where to Eat and Stay?

It is famous for its most traditional sweets, the Mysore pak which is a sweet dish which is generally sliced into the rectangular pieces and is made out of Gram flour, lots of ghee and sugar. You would be able to find this sweet all across the city. Some of the south Indian breakfast favourites such as sambars, idlis, Masala Dosa are widely available and are appropriate for the breakfast. Some of the known Karnataka’s dishes are-Masala Poori, Idli Sambhar, Raagi Mudde, Akki Rotis etc. Let’s look into the known restaurants where you could enjoy your food are-By the Way, Hotel Madhav Bhavan, Veg Kourt, Hotel Govardhan,Bombay Indra Bhavan etc.

Alert about the scam:-In case you are arriving via bus or train, you would be most likely be approached by a number of the young boys who tend to speak excellent English who would be trying to lead you to relatives hotels. Some of the renowned hotels of budget are- MTR Residency, MTR lodge, Hotel Airlines, Hotel Darshan Palace etc.

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