RUNN OF KUTCH – White Desert

Runn of Kutch

 The Great Runn of Kutch is located mostly in Gujarat, India and southern tip of Sindh, Pakistan also known as the White Desert. The Runn of Kutch is a seasonal salt marsh of the That desert. Its area is about 7,505.22 sq Km and reputed as the largest salt desert in the world. The Tropic of Cancer is just a few mile from here. Many of you might have seen sunset and sunrises from the sea and behind the mighty mountains but have you seen a sunset or sunrise in a dessert?……..Yes this is the place from where you can see sunset and sunrise, a beautiful view not to be missed. It becomes more beautiful on the full moon night. Totally incredible and mesmerising experience which cannot be described through letters. The runn of Kutch is divided into two parts, the Great Runn of Kutch and little Runn of Kutch. The first one is in Kutch district and the other one is approachable from Dhrangadhra however they both comprise of the runn of Kutch. It not only owes the salt desert but also grassland with many species if grass. This area is also famous for Indian wild Ass.  There is a sanctuary called The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary in the little Runn of Kutch where you can find this animal. You can also see other animals like Indian wolf, Dessert cat, Hedge hog, golden jackal, black buck and nilgai.

The runn of kutch has a wide verity of Avifauna from water birds like cranes, flamingoes and pelicans to the desert bird great Indian Bustards. Try to be there for “RUNNUTSAV”(a festival of Kutch). It is a carnival of Music, Dance and other plenty of things like Golf cart, ATV ride, Camel cart excursion, meditation, yoga etc. The distincate folk dance and music, intricate art and craft, gracious people and nature along with the affluent hand crafts like folk textiles, exquisite embroidery, Bandhani Sarees and mirror work are some specialities of Kutch.

How to Reach:

By Air: As Kutch does not have any airport the closest option available is Bhuj airport which is 71 km from Kutch

By train: Travelling through train is very affordable and convenient however there is no railway station in Kutch. Bhuj the closest option available and is well connected to the other major cities of India.

By Bus: Kutch is well connected to many cities by road.

Must Visit:

  1. Parag Mahal
  2. Vijaya Vilas Palace
  3. Kutch Museum
  4. Koteshwar Mahadev Temple
  5. Mandavi Beach
  6. Godhara Art Museum
  7. Aaina Mahel
  8. Maa Ashapura Temple
  9. Kutch desert wild life Sanctuary
  10. Kutch Bustard Sanctuary
  11. Dhola Visit


Where to stay

JP Resort

Hotel white Desert

Hotel KBN Pvt. ltd

Gateway to Runn

Shaam E Sarhad village resort

You can also book online luxury tents if u want to stay in tents.


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