VARANASI – Holy City of India

Varanasi, one of the holy cities of India , was once referred to Benares or Banaras or Kashi is the historical times. It is sacred for the Hindus and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. In lot many ways Varanasi epitomizes the best and the worst aspects of India which could be bit overwhelming. It can be scorchingly hot during the months of summer so it is recommended that you should plan your visit between October and March and do bring something warm to wear for the chilly nights and days. It is the city of spiritualism where most of the people are living with the great culture and traditions. It is believed that it was created by lord Shiva himself.

How to reach Varanasi?

It is well connected via bus and trains with multiple trains heading towards it from almost all the directions. It is located on the banks of river Ganga and is believed that lord Shiva has been responsible for establishing permanent home. It has been known from ages the city of Moksha. In Hinduism it is believed that those people who die over here and are cremated here are reaching directly to instant gateway for the liberation via the cycle of re-birth and birth.

  • Via Air 

The airport of Varanasi is just 25Km from city centre. All the major flights do fly from Delhi along with Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kathmandu, Visakhapatnam etc. You should take ample time, when you need to travel via airport as due to traffic it could take ample of time to travel.

  • Via Train

Trains are one of the easiest means to reach Varanasi with multiple cities where daily services are provided like Lucknow, Agra, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. It is served by two major stations one is Varanasi Junction and another is Mughal Sarai Junction which is around 15Km east of the city. It is just 40min drive from Mughal Sarai via Godowlia in Varanasi.

  • Via Road /Car

From Varanasi there are daily buses to the Nepali border and some others are pointing around the Northern India. There are lots of buses and taxis running from Varanasi to various locations like Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Allahabad and Kanpur.

Top 10 places to visit in Varanasi 

  • BHU (Banaras Hindu University)
  • Tulsi Manas Temple
  • Sarnath
  • Ram Nagar Fort
  • Vishwanath Temple
  • Ghats
  • Durga Temple
  • Gauri Matha Temple
  • Sankat Mochan Temple
  • Alamagir Mosque

Where to Eat and Stay?

There are lots of food outlets which are dynamic in range of quality. The restaurants are quite closer to the Ghats which are catering to foreign tourists, with the variable success. If you are really looking for the authentic Varanasi khana you are going to get to the main market area or better to have a Varanasi friend inviting to their home. Local speciality is the Dum Aloo and city is also well known with respect to its desserts. It would not be expected that you leave Varanasi without tasting the delicious local foods as Pani Puri and aloo chat in general which is referred to as street food. Paan is another stuff for which Varanasi is quite famous. Some of the well known places where you should taste food are- Nice cafe, Madhur Jalpan, Kashi chat centre, Shiv Lassi Bhandar etc.

The best locations to stay are the Ghats as it is the location where you could find lots of foreigners hanging around and with the good reasons. In additions to the river and Ghats Varanasi which is famous for the temples and main market are located in the area. Another choice of location are Sarnath which is just 8Km from Varanasi. Even though it is removed from the action site but bit safer and calmer than Varanasi. There are few budgeted accommodations which are advertising free evening and morning boat rides along the river.

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