YERCAUD – Jewel of South

Yercaud is a hill station with mild weather and a lot of enthralling and exuberant sightseeing spots along with game stocked jungles. It is pocket friendly due to which it is known as the “poor man’s Ooty”. It is an affordable hill station which is rich with natural beauty and does lies on the Western Ghats which are really dry and are featuring rocky and short hills. It is tucked away in the Shivaroy hills in the Northern TamilNadu. It is also surrounding the soothing placid lake along with the coffee plantation and orange groves as soon as you start approaching the town due to which you feel bit more comfortable. The Yercaud hill area is known as the Shevaroy hills. It is connected to the city of Salem, Tamil Nadu via the highway of 28km.

How to reach Yercaud?

The town name has been derived from the lake locator which is at the centre –in Tamil Yeri Means Lake and Kaadu means forest. Sometimes it is also known as the seven forests. Best duration to visit the location is during October to June when the weather is quite pleasant and also conducive for enjoying the sightseeing and the outdoor activities.

  • Via Air

The nearest airport destination would be Trichy which is 165Km and even you have the option of reaching out at Coimbatore airport. When you reach at both the destinations you could after that you can plan your further trip.

  • Via Train

The nearest railway station is at Salem (36Kms) and Salem town (33Kms). Even there are direct trains to Yercaud from Coimbatore, Chennai and Bangalore.

  • Via Road /Car

It is 190 km from Coimbatore, 357 Kms from Chennai and 220 km from Bangalore. It is well connected with all these cities via an efficient network system of roads. There are lot of buses which are running through Yercaud on their way to and from Salem, which is one of the middle locations of the industrial area.

Top 10 places to visit in Yercaud

Top 10 places to visit in Yercaud are-

  • Yercaud lake
  • Lady’s seat
  • Killiyur Waterfalls
  • Grange
  • Pagoda point
  • Bear’s Cave
  • Anna Park
  • Lake forest
  • The retreat
  • Silk Farm

Where to stay and eat?

The main cuisine of the location is South Indian. The most of the restaurants are serving delicious varieties of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies. Some of the few restaurants which are serving lip-smacking food are Ganga restaurants, Sterling days Inn resort and Hotel Shevaroys. For some of the best North Indian cuisine you could go ahead with Hotel Select which is having the option of multi-cuisine. Next to the Yercaud Lake, you would be able to find lots of pakoda kadaikal who are selling Melaga Bhajji, bonda with spicy chutney and Egg. Also available are lots of different tea shops which are local and Coffee bars where you could relish a hot cup of coffee/tea. Even there are lots of Avacado shops available on the lake side.

There are plenty of the scenic cottages which are built on the hill slopes. You could check out for star holidays Inc which are just miles away from the lake. The managers are helpful and warm but they are having limited menu and are limited during the low occupancy. Some of the well known hotels for staying are – GRT Nature trails, Hotel Shevaroys, Hotel Grand Palace, Hotel TamilNadu, Glenrock Estate etc. There are numerous hotels which are available at the reasonable and nominal prices. Another option could be that you could stay at Salem Town and would be reaching Yercaud. But if you plan to stay at Yercaud could be a marvellous experience.

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